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Eddé Sands

Lebanon is really a land of extremes. Extreme chaos but still with its own firm rules, extreme intolerance and impressive coexistence, extreme poverty and radical wealth. A place where this wealth comes to shine must be the private resort Eddé Sands in Byblos. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I find the luxury pool at the entrance with its large beds a real symbol of decadence. People seem to move in slow motion, with drinks in their hands, as if they were sitting on a cloud of white cotton candy. Another such a symbol are the poor guys who have to pick the smallest pieces of dirt from the sand on the beach. What I definitely love here are the flowers, the flower power of Byblos.

The luxury poor at the entrance.

Next to one of the more normal pools.

Beds at the beach.

The simple beauty of Eddé Sands…

Beach house
…and the simple beauty of Byblos.


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