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Café Younes

You’ll find three types of coffee stored in our refrigerator: Turkish coffee from Benn Tafesh (with cardamon of course), Espresso from Lavazza (that I cook in this pot) and coffee for the French Press from Benn Younes. I used to buy these beans from Starbucks but Benn Younes not only tastes great but also costs less than half as much. My favorite branch of Café Younes is the one next to the American Hospital of Beirut, the Abdel Aziz branch where they also serve delicious food. When a guest arrives at our house, I proudly enumerate the types of our “real” coffee and ask which one they prefer. Much to my disappointment, many just ask for a Nescafé. That’s why I keep a fourth, a fifth and a sixth type of coffee in the cupboard that are inevitable in every Lebanese household: Nescafé Gold, Nescafé 3 in 1 and Nescafé 2 in 1.

The rakwe for the Turkish coffee at Café Younes

Mozarella sticks

A surprisingly good beef stroganoff

The core of it all: The espresso


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