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Once I met a German lady that I knew from work at Urbanista in Gemayzeh. She was together with her baby boy, smiling and very charming, whereas she usually was a very strict and serious lady. It was interesting to see her in such a different, sweet role. Now, more than two years later, it was me sitting at Urbanista with my long awaited baby boy and my hubby, at ABC Ashrafieh. It was our first shopping tour in Beirut, and he did great (the baby, not the hubby). I was so happy to hear the waiter say “Smalla how calm he is”. I had to interrupt the dream breakfast once to nurse my baby, standing like “stranded” in the ladies’ room since they had no baby changing/nursing facility. You think Urbanista would have allowed to nurse in public, with breasts covered of course? Not sure about that; I need to find out how this works in Lebanon.

Having a break from a baby shopping tour

A delicious omelette

Me from an omelette perspective

Beautiful handbags I still remember from the Gemayzeh branch…

…and equally unforgettable scones from the Hamra branch.


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