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Sanayeh Garden

An Algerian-French friend was visiting us together with her little daughter and her husband. We soon started exchanging our experience about the benefits of living in Europe when you have children. Her husband was saying “gheir 3alam, gheir 3alam” (a different world). We agreed that the main difference between both worlds is the lack of green space in Beirut, compared to the endless number of parks in Paris. There is nothing simpler than going out with your child every day there to breathe some fresh air, feel the breezes and hear the sound of the leaves. You’ll find a park at every corner in every quartier, including well equipped playgrounds. Beirut does have some parks but they are either neglected (like the one in Sioufi) or closed (Horsh Beirut). The only one that can compete with Europe is the René Moawad Garden in Sanayeh – a true treasure in the midst of traffic and air pollution. Here are some pics from a recent visit with my son. I’m glad I can offer him this escape at least…

Male friends

Me and Baby
Mother & son

Green space

A nice place for biking

Me and Baby
I told you, European dimensions


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