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South Africa

A friend of mine was telling me the other day about a young woman who just married a diamond dealer currently working in South Africa, and who doesn’t stop posting on Facebook how bored she is and how much she misses Lebanon. Ok, I can understand her missing Lebanon, but seriously, bored? In South Africa? (Oh, and only weeks after you get married?). I have so many nice memories and pictures from our short trip there that I thought I should write several posts – but here you go, here’s an impression of South Africa’s amazing nature and animals, mainly the cuter ones from Capetown. We went on a safari tour in Sun City to see the wilder ones (Africa’s Big Five lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and cape buffalo) but all we saw were zebras, turtles and the likes! I think we were fooled, but who knows, maybe the lions were really there but hiding somewhere and posting on Facebook how bored they are by all the tourists!

Table mountain
The famous Table Mountain of Capetown

Its charming port (yes it was cold!)

They look lovely but can be quite aggressive: Ostriches

IT should belong to the Big Five!

Capetown’s shore…

…and its chic inhabitants in tuxedos

Aren’t they just cuuuuute?!

Johannesburg. No animals in sight but still very dangerous due to high crime rates.

Sun City
It looks like a tropical resort but it’s…

Sun City
…a worldwide unique experience: Sun City (as seen in “Blended” with Adam Sandler).

I look bored but no, I’m just freezing during the safari tour.

The Zebras not caring about our presence…

… and the turtles just chatting – or are they searching for diamonds?



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