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Sursock Museum

Back to life. Back to reality. To my blog life, to my virtual reality. Back from a fantasy, the fantasy of having a baby and still being able to manage my life as usual. I survived the disillusion, the total loss of control, the emotional rollercoaster and the shock that not every problem in (a child’s) life has a rational solution. So here I am now, writing again, thanks to kindergarten and new routines. Ranking first in my list of items “to do again urgently on a regular basis” is: Visiting museums. Oh how much I miss the silence, the serenity, the heritage soul and the eye candies in Lebanon’s museums – especially in Sursock Museum. I visited once with my sunny boy, and he even loved it more than me, with a slight discrepancy between our priorities (his were hiking the endless steps outside, throwing books in the bookstore and playing with the guards and waiters). Have a look.
I’ll be back soon, I promise. However do you need me.
{lyrics by Soul II Soul, Virgin}



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