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Ladurée Beirut

I bought my DSLR camera maybe three years ago but I still didn’t figure out what all the buttons are meant for. I took a course once but didn’t understand a word, seriously, it was too technical for me (and I’m an engineer). There was… Read More

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The Village

Life is good and it will stay good. This is the message I took with me from the opening of The Village today in Dbayeh North of Beirut. The warm design, the lively colors, the joyful atmosphere are heart-warming and make you wish you could… Read More

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Once I met a German lady that I knew from work at Urbanista in Gemayzeh. She was together with her baby boy, smiling and very charming, whereas she usually was a very strict and serious lady. It was interesting to see her in such a… Read More

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Café Younes

You’ll find three types of coffee stored in our refrigerator: Turkish coffee from Benn Tafesh (with cardamon of course), Espresso from Lavazza (that I cook in this pot) and coffee for the French Press from Benn Younes. I used to buy these beans from Starbucks… Read More