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Zaytunay Bay

I love the XXL Vodka TV ad where a young handsome guy who usually works on a yacht acts as if he was its owner, to impress a woman watching him from a nearby café. I like it because it’s such a typically Lebanese behavior,… Read More

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“Don’t go there in the evening”, said the soldier, “fi teznikh”. He was standing at the entrance of the army base in al-Dalia, watching the people go in and out. I asked him if there were any restrictions on visiting this lovely place, he said… Read More

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Sanayeh Garden

An Algerian-French friend was visiting us together with her little daughter and her husband. We soon started exchanging our experience about the benefits of living in Europe when you have children. Her husband was saying “gheir 3alam, gheir 3alam” (a different world). We agreed that… Read More

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Ramlet el Baida

I read today that parts of the public beach of Ramlet el Baida in Beirut risks to be closed to the public, due to some new real estate projects. This would really break my heart. I love to walk there, this is my favorite part… Read More