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Sursock Museum

Back to life. Back to reality. To my blog life, to my virtual reality. Back from a fantasy, the fantasy of having a baby and still being able to manage my life as usual. I survived the disillusion, the total loss of control, the emotional… Read More

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Debbané Palace

What’s the name of one of the nicest flower shop chains in Lebanon? Exotica, bien-sûr (here). And what’s the name of their childhood residence? Debbané Palace, in Saida (here). This is what the bored guide at the palace told us, when we finally got there… Read More

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When I saw these sculptures back in 2010, I totally fell in love with them! I think the sculptor, Xavier Corbero from Barcelona, really hit the right note, since they remind me just of… Lebanon. They feel like Baalbeck, the ruins of Beirut and Byblos.… Read More