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The Village

Life is good and it will stay good. This is the message I took with me from the opening of The Village today in Dbayeh North of Beirut. The warm design, the lively colors, the joyful atmosphere are heart-warming and make you wish you could… Read More

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Maté in Aley

My grandmother used to drink Maté everyday, a herbal drink supposed to come from Argentina, she used to love it. So did I. No, I wish I could say that… for the sake of my grandmother. But I never got used to its severe taste.… Read More

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Le Capitole

She said they all loved it and people even from London were liking it on facebook! London must be an indicator, since this is The place to go for a cosmopolitan lifestyle. What I mean is the photo above, taken by Nadine at Le Capitole… Read More