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Zaytunay Bay

I love the XXL Vodka TV ad where a young handsome guy who usually works on a yacht acts as if he was its owner, to impress a woman watching him from a nearby café. I like it because it’s such a typically Lebanese behavior,… Read More

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The Village

Life is good and it will stay good. This is the message I took with me from the opening of The Village today in Dbayeh North of Beirut. The warm design, the lively colors, the joyful atmosphere are heart-warming and make you wish you could… Read More

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“Don’t go there in the evening”, said the soldier, “fi teznikh”. He was standing at the entrance of the army base in al-Dalia, watching the people go in and out. I asked him if there were any restrictions on visiting this lovely place, he said… Read More

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South Africa

A friend of mine was telling me the other day about a young woman who just married a diamond dealer currently working in South Africa, and who doesn’t stop posting on Facebook how bored she is and how much she misses Lebanon. Ok, I can… Read More