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Pasta di casa

We still have January but very soon you will start receiving ads giving you ideas for spending your Valentine’s evening with your beloved one. For me, no place embodies love and romance like Pasta di Casa in Clémenceau. The place is so tiny, you can’t… Read More

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Emotions at Casper & Gambini’s

Here comes the spaghetti all’arrabbiatta from Casper & Gambini’s (here) in Beirut. Do you know why it’s called Arrabbiatta? Because it tastes “fiery and passionate” – “like Arabs”, this is what I read. True, Arabs are passionate and fiery and emotional. If even Italians (!)… Read More

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L’Oca Matta

Waiting lists are very common in Beirut, for flights to and from Europe in the summer, for nightclubs like Skybar and now even for restaurants! We tried to make reservations with friends at Em Sharif in Ashrafieh and Basilio in Gemmayzeh – but no chance!… Read More