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Beautiful Florence

I mentioned the Romans in my last post but forgot to tell you that I was in their lands again recently, en Italie. J’adore l’Italie! Its people, its pasta, its espresso, its nature, its colors, its fashion, ahhhh my passion has no end. I won’t… Read More

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Bar Tartine

My dear friend Hiba missed my posts, so this one is for her, about delicious food at Bar Tartine, a nice bakery & café in a wonderful terrace area in Mar Mkhael. I love Mar Mkhael, not for its pubs and clubs, not for its… Read More

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Tiramisu @ Olio

I know a very beautiful woman whose eyes, smile and skin shine light like crazy. But she always talks about getting thinner. So I gave her some advice on how to get or at least stay thin. 1) Listen well to your stomach. If it… Read More

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Gordon’s Café

These beautiful lamps remind me of SALT at the airport (my post here). But this is at Gordon’s Café at Hotel Le Gray, downtown Beirut (here). A lovely and colorful place, surrounded by tourists passing by to reach Weygand Street, most of them carrying cameras… Read More